Service cost
Psychological consultation (Online)$100/
Session Career guidance$90/
SessionPsychotherapist (Online)$150/
SessionPanic attack treatment$150/session
Meeting hour - $ 100, the work option is selected individually.
The main feeling of my life - that I really feel people, their feelings and emotions, their states, experiences and pain - so I realized that I can help them. My conscious path of learning in this industry began 15 years ago with acquaintance with Reiki, an energy practice that introduces a person to himself, and also allows you to carefully and respectfully touch the souls of other people. And now I am a Reiki Master, a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychologist-sexologist, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychotherapists, a member of the All-Ukrainian organization "Environmental Assistance", a wife and mother of two growing sons, I understand that I have found answers to many of my own questions and am ready to help in this and To you. For this, I created a personal website for a psychologist.
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