Professional assistance
I work with a wide range of issues:
Internal conflicts, misunderstanding of what you want;
The problem of choice and the need for decision-making;
Relationship problems that arise when interacting with people;
Fears, obsessive thoughts and desires;
Stressful changes in life (divorce, death of a loved one, etc.).
Reasons for visiting a psychologist
Sad apathetic mood;
Constant fatigue;
Feeling of loneliness, misunderstanding of others;
Low self-esteem;
Fears and phobias interfere with life;
Diseases and psychosomatic symptoms:
digestive problems;
sexual failures;
other troubles.
Anxiety and obsessions;
Unstable emotional state - successive laughter, crying, screaming;
Loss of loved ones, painful breaks;
Prolonged depression.
Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product. The absence of clutter is just a clutter-free product. That's not simple.
Principles of my work.
Each person is unique. This means that the approach to must be individual. In my practice, I study and apply different methods - for sure one of them was created to solve your particular problem.
Prospects for the future.
It is a mistake to perceive a consultation with a psychologist as simple conversations. By visiting your therapist, you learn different methods and techniques of self-regulation. With each day of work on yourself, you become closer to a full life without stress, fears, phobias, anxieties and depressions. The main goal of any specialist is to see his client calm, healthy and happy. Working with a therapist is a team work on your happy future.
Environmental friendliness.
Now it is fashionable to talk about the environmental friendliness of communication. Especially in the area of mental health. The term is relatively new, but the essence is the same. Everything that can lead to internal conflict is excluded. This technique will allow the client to quickly and without undue stress learn to recover from traumatic situations and help develop the skill of safe communication with others.
Confidentiality is the basic principle of the work of any specialist. making the client feel safe. The psychologist, like the priest at confession, does not divulge the secrets entrusted to him. Psychological work is a careful and reverent touch to the client's soul. There is no place for tactlessness, inattention and gossip. Balance, responsibility, confidentiality - it sounds dry, but sometimes you need to be firm in protecting the interests of your clients.

My services:
Psychologist consultation (Online)
Psychotherapist (Online)
Career guidance (testing for adults and children)
Treatment for panic attacks
Online psychologist consultation
Deciding to use the services of a psychologist is difficult! For some, it's even scary! It is completely unclear what awaits you behind the doors of the office. But is a psychotherapist really that scary?
You can't prepare for a consultation, you need to decide on it. You do not prepare in a special way for a meeting with your best friend? You just make an appointment. Same here. You are waiting for a meeting with a person who wants and can help you.
Feeling shy for the first visit is completely normal. Do not think about how to behave and what to talk about. Do not worry: no one will pry your secrets and demand instant and unconditional trust. At the first stage, we need to get to know each other, make contact, talk about your life, and determine the area that needs attention and correction.
When the stress of the first consultation is overcome, it is possible to identify problems and outline ways to solve them, and arrange subsequent meetings. The duration of the first session is about 1-1.5 hours, you determine the duration and number of subsequent sessions yourself. The cost of a psychologist's service depends on the service in question: the reception can be individual, family, remote (via Skype). Don't be afraid to ask about it.
Help psychologist online
The main principles of my work are responsibility, confidentiality, environmental friendliness. Using the tools of psychology and psychotherapy, I work with many problems. And I will definitely draw your attention if you need medical help. But even in this situation, you will receive support and recommendations to contact the appropriate specialists.
My goal is to help you deal with the causes of failure, anxiety, stress and eliminate them. To provide assistance, I have the appropriate education, all the necessary skills. As part of advanced training, I continue to attend courses, lectures, conferences, and training programs from leading industry experts.
In my work I use a combination of different methods, I teach clients techniques that really help.
By contacting me, you will receive not only qualified specialist assistance. You will receive attention and support, gentle treatment and a deep understanding of your complexities.

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